The envy effect

This is something I have known all my life, but like many lessons in life I forgot the power Envy holds. I got reminded of this from A movie called ENVY ( by Ben Stiller). The movie is about two friends stuck in a dead end job and Ben Stiller's friend is a big dreamer... Continue Reading →


The 7 universal laws

There are 7 laws that govern the way we live and the universe itself. How we experience life is determined by the magnitude we follow these laws. If you understand these laws and you follow them the universe will be in your favour and great things may lay ahead. These laws do not care about... Continue Reading →

The new Budget and you

With our new President South Africa still remains on its downward path. With the new budget speech we all were notified on the manner on how everything will become to expensive and tax will increase yet again. With nobody against this the Government will yet again steal billions this year and I can guarantee South... Continue Reading →

8 tricks to stay motivated

Motivation is not a one time thing, It is a lifestyle. I was always beat down and negative and depressed. I searched for ways to improve myself and I followed these tips I give you. Remember, Rome was not built in a day and failure is not the end. I realized that life is a... Continue Reading →

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