Motivational madness

The first blog post for JUSTLYGREAT.

And a topic that interested me for a while now. MOTIVATION! What is it, how do you get it and why does it not last?.

Motivation is that feeling of hope you get and the idea that keeps you up at night that the universe is aligning in your favour and you are unstoppable. But why does it only last max a week and then you are back in the dump.

Well… like exercise you must be motivated daily otherwise you lose that “muscle memory”. Motivation is a powerful weapon to utilize because it will speed up your success.

Tips on staying motivated and become like tony robbins and other legends:

1- Read everyday or listen to motivational material.

2- go to seminars. The energy of the whole will make the cells in your body dance with joy

3 – avoid negative people. The fastest way to kill your spirit is to hang around people whose energy level is close to zero.

Hang around people of success and positivety. Have you ever seen a billionaire in a depressed crowed? No! Look and Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, the to richests are great friends because they know that you are defined by the crowd you are in.

4-meditate. It helps you to focus your thoughts. When you are master of your mind nothing can bring you down.

5- exercise. It will help you release feel good endorphins and prolong that motivational unstoppableness

6-get plenty of sleep. To be successful you must have high energy levels and a tired mind and body will let tou spiral into negativity.

7- break your goals down into small sized tasks. This way you can complete a task everyday and that will keep you motivated always.

8-celebrate small victories. Nothing will keep you more motivated than a prize everytime you achieve a goal.

9-Set affirmations. These will help you have a positive outlook when things get hard.

10- realize your passion.When you have passion there is nothing that will break your motivation.

Follow these steps on a daily basis and your success is sured.

Go out and be justly great


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