The art of perfection is something we all have history with. Whether you want your house,car,looks or anything else to be perfect.

But is perfection worth the energy and time?

When I started my first business doing stuff perfect depleted my energy and my will to carry on. IT TOOK SUPER LONG to finish projects and get stuff done. Then one day I decided to get everything functional but not perfect.I got more finished(so to say) and I got to focus on more important stuff. You see your clients do not care if every part of your business is spotless. They only come and go. Perfection is a psychological flaw causing you to stagnate.

When you start a business or anything else you must do research and plan well but the rest you can wing and make it work as you move on.

 Even Bill Gates winged it.I know Richard Branson winged it.I will put moneybon it that even Steve Jobs winged it.

Doing things imperfectly in a startup business is the entrepreneurial way. It is just how it works.

So relax nothing in this world is perfect and nothing is under control.

The key is just to keep moving forward and by focusing on miniscule tasks inorder to perfectify will keep you in one place.

Be great , be awesoum , be imperfect


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