Stress…your best friend!

Stress , a vicious emotion causing illness and insanity especially in a high speed perfection world.

But does it need to be our enemy? Or can we harness this powerful emotion?

Stress is our body’s natural way to tell us “listen up dude/dudet, I do not know what you are doing but something extremely important needs to be done now!”.

Most people see stress as a negative thing and they are controlled by stress causing them to stagnate or even crumble.

But entrepeneurs are clever. Have you ever seen a billionaire dreaded with fear and anxiety? No of course not. The greatest of businessmen use stress to push them to get things done. To be more productive and to thrive. They use stress and not the other way around.

It is exactly the same as any other principle in life. If tou do not take control then you will be controled.

These business mogals do not play golf or go to a spa to remove stress. They only go to take a load of and to energize.

But why then do most people crumble under stress?

Stress is largely a way to get empathy. If you think about it, what do you stress about? Bills? Spend less!

Health? Eat healthy and workout!

The future? Control it!

Watever the reason always know it is useless to stress. Just take action and you will be stress free.

No need for medication and all that useless moneymaking schemes!

Remember action is the enemy of stress and the only way to be stress free is by taking action.


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